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Happy Dogs - Happy Humans

Trained.  Taught.  Trusted.

Mickie & Laurie & Freeway

We have a pure bread German Shephard, and with being older we needed help with training, for puppy and humans.  Shane was the third trainer we tried.  We were about done looking for and spending money on trainers and getting nothing out of it.  We really needed someone who simply had that "it" factor.  Someone who could connect with all of us. 
Lucky us, we found Shane.  He has helped us train a really big, strong and stubborn dog.  He actually came to us for training and since my husband was having health issues it was very appreciated.  When my husband went to visit his brother for a week we decided to board Freeway with Shane for extra one on one training.  We have never trusted anyone outside of family to care for one of our animals before.  Not only did we trust him but when Freeway came home he laid on the deck and cried when Shane left him.
We just can't speak highly enough of Shane, not only as a trainer but as a person.  We are still enjoying the lasting friendship that developed and Freeway loves him!
Mickey & Laurie Wilkins

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