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Train at The Dog Tank

Training Dogs.  Teaching Humans.  Trusting Instincts.

Let Shane help improve your animal-owner relationship. Training improves communication between you and your pet, strengthening the bonds of loyalty  and ensuring the health and safety of your home for all members of the family.  Check out our course calendar and sign up for training with Shane.

Private Sessions


This course is ideal for those who want to better understand their pet and manage them with confidence.   Private Sessions provide focused attention to your dog, addressing behavioral concerns and developing reliable responses.  Shane will help you build an awesome relationship with your pet.

Board & Train

$1595.00 Two week training programs

$2995.00 Four week training programs

$4495.00 Six week training programs

Give your pet a one-on-one training experience that caters to their specific needs. Our four week programs are filled with Shane's proven tactics focusing directly on your dogs experiences, responses and training needs. Our Training Programs are devoted to conquering all of your behavioral concerns while also giving you the tools to maintain them. Generally we suggest a 6 week program for any behavioural and aggression issues please contact me for more information.

AKC Star Puppy & All Age Groups


Our group classes focus on basic obedience and behavior management.  AKC Star Puppy & All Age Groups are offered once a week for a total of six sessions and classes are limited to groups of five.  Learn to compliment the command for great results!

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