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Shane Goin

Meet Our Pack Leader

Welcome to The Dog Tank!! My name is Shane Goin, owner and trainer of The Dog Tank and Dog Training by Shane.

With over 20 years of experience, I specialize in Bully breeds and behavioral modification training. My specialty is quality care and training in our board and train program. I provide private sessions, as well as day training for my clients. Many of them have followed me the last 20+ years as I have navigated the industry of training, competition, and breeding. I look forward to growing all of these opportunities at The Dog Tank and to meeting you and your dog as we grow the Tank Pack!!


Experience & Credentials

Over 20 Years of Canine Training and Leadership

I started my canine career in 2003 when I joined the apprenticeship program of The Academy of Canine Behavior located in Bothell, Washington.  After successfully completing the program I began my own business as Emerald Hills K-9 Facility where I trained all breeds and bred and competed nationally with my American Bulldogs.

I titled several dogs in Confirmation, Weight Pull and Schutzhund  between 2004 - 2012.  It was then that I discovered my true passion was in the training of and developing healthy relationships between dogs  and their owners.  

In 2016 I completed my second apprenticeship at Riverdog Academy in Issaquah, Washington.  Utilizing these new techniques with what I had learned and developed into my own training program proved to be universally effective.  I have spent the last several years honing my approach and program based on the success I promote and witness through Dog Training by Shane.  

The Dog Tank has been my vision and goal for over a decade.  Thanks to my experiences, dogs, and clients I am able to confidently offer you the best in canine obedience and behavioral training.  The Dog Tank is a dream come true, in memory of my best boy Tank, and in honor of the many dogs I have trained.  I am grateful for my followers and look forward to building more healthy relationships at The Dog Tank.  


Clear Water Lake

The Dog Tank Philosophy

Training Dogs.  Teaching Humans.  Trusting Instincts.

Here at The Dog Tank we strive for balance in training with a strong emphasis and focus on positive motivations and reinforcements; while also implementing clear boundaries through the proper use of training collars, corrections and the word no.  We believe that communication and a proper leadership role ultimately results in healthier more fulfilling relationships between owners and their dog.

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