The Dog Tank

Training Dogs.  Teaching Humans.  Trusting Instincts.


The Dog Tank is a one-stop facility for all of your canine behavioral and social needs.  Shane Goin, the Pack Leader, has been training dogs for over 15 years, building a tremendous reputation and relationships with dogs and humans alike. 

Our specialty is our unique  4 and 6 week board and train program,but we also offer group classes and private lessons.

Our new facility, located right off I-5 at Exit 71 is conveniently located for easy travel  Join us as we grow our pack at The Dog 


Dog Portrait

“Because dogs live in the present. Because dogs don’t hold grudges. Because dogs let go of all their anger daily, hourly, and never let it fester. They absolve and forgive with each passing minute. Every turn of a corner is the opportunity for a clean slate. Every bounce of a ball brings joy and the promise of a fresh chase.”
– Stephen Rowley