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Training at Carlisle Lake

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We love sunny days at Carlisle Lake where we find fun and beautiful distractions for our Board & Train clients. Kobe & Nala spent the morning practicing basic commands with total focus amid kids, dogs, ducks, and bikes at the lake. The beautiful Kobe goes home today and we are very proud of his success!

We also met with Miss Terry & Murphy for a Private Session and what success it was! Shane's own instinct with these dogs is awesome to watch, from their physical care to their emotional energy he does not miss a beat. Murphy came in a little nervous about all the distractions and half way through the session these three dogs were passing on the path without pause or a second glance. The focus that Murphy gave to Terry by the end of the morning session was a beautiful thing to see.

Always great training at Carlisle Lake in Onalaska.

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